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Frequently Asked Questions
Maximize Your Experience
  • How old do you have to be to play?
    Game On is rated PG-13 for physical and mental challenges. Everyone is welcome, but the games are designed to be challenging for adults, so children may find it extremely difficult. Game On is not recommended for children under age 10. For safety reasons and to enjoy the best possible experience, children age 12 and younger MUST have an adult team member at ALL times, including at private birthday parties. Please plan to have at least one adult (age 18 or older) for each group of four children (ratio of 1 adult to 4 kids). Kids 13-17 are also encouraged to have an adult on their team, but it's not required. All Players under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian fill out their waiver in order to play.
  • Do I need to fill out a waiver to play?
    Yes, all players will need to fill out a waiver prior to playing a game. You can do this online or at the check-in station once you arrive. Please note that all players under the age of 18 will need to have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian.
  • How should I dress to play?
    We recommend closed-toe shoes and athletic wear while playing. Ideally, less bulky clothes will make for a more enjoyable experience as things can start to heat up in the rooms. Be prepared for rope swinging, wall climbing, and tunnel crawling!
  • How many people can play?
    Game On is all about teamwork. You play in teams of 2-5 players, and the each room has different games depending upon the size of the team. For example, a 2 person team will play a different game in the same room as a 3 person team. So it can be fun to return to a room with a different team of people and have a different experience! But bring as many people as you want - you can divide a large group into smaller teams and still enjoy the shared experience as you compare notes over beers after a couple hours of play.
  • Are there food and drinks for sale?
    YES! Game On has craft beer, hard kombucha and non-alcoholic beverages available for purchase. Snacks include chips and popped-to-order organic, vegan popcorn. No outside food allowed without table reservations. NO FOOD NOR DRINKS ARE ALLOWED IN THE GAME ROOMS.
  • Can we drink alcohol at Game On?
    YES! Game On sells beer for adults (21+) to drink in the designated beer-drinking area. Please drink responsibly. While we are happy to serve alcohol, Game On can require physically strenuous activity, and you may perform better if you celebrate with a victory beer after you finish playing instead of drinking before the games. Please do not bring outside food, and PLEASE EAT AND DRINK ONLY IN THE DESIGNATED FOOD AREAS. NO FOOD NOR DRINKS ARE ALLOWED IN THE GAME ROOMS.
  • Can we bring our own food?
    If you want to bring your own food to Game On during regular business hours, you must reserve a table in the Game On lounge! This is a great way to combine the excitement of gameplay with a small social gathering. Table reservations are for the time of your ticket reservation. Tables for up to 4 people: $49; tables for up to 8 people: $99. To reserve a table, just add it to your cart when you buy tickets! Already bought tickets and want to reserve a table? Please call 510-616-5415 Please note: Separate tickets must be purchased to play the games; other visitors may use the Lounge during your table reservation; only visitors with reserved tables may bring their own food and non-alcoholic beverages; alcoholic beverages may be purchased from Game On. Table reservations are not required when groups reserve the entire facility for private parties.
  • Are there lockers to store my belongings in while I play?
    Of course! They’re free for players to use and are secured with the same chip-enabled card that allows you into the game rooms. Usually, one locker per team is sufficient for jackets, cell phones, purses, etc.
  • Can we bring cell phones into the game rooms?
    Yes, BUT... your phone won't help win any games, it could get lost or damaged and also you want your hands free to play games. So you might want to store your phone in your locker while playing. But we love people to take photos and videos of themselves having fun and share them with friends or on social media.
  • Is Game On accessible?
    YES! We want everyone have a good time. Most of the games accommodate wheelchairs. Game On staff can help with accessibility guidance about the game play and can help players choose the best experiences for them.
  • How much does one game cost?
    You don’t pay for one game at Game On. You pay for 90 minutes of gameplay and in that time can play as many games as you want!
  • How much does a ticket to Game On cost?
    We believe Game On is an incredible value. You can play as many games as you want for 90 minutes. For current prices, please click here.
  • Are reservations required?
    Online reservations are not required, but they are strongly recommended and easy to make - just click here! There is no extra cost for reserving the day, time, and number of players in your group, and it guarantees your space and tells us you're coming. You can also just show up and hope space is available. And if you can't play, maybe you'll have a beer!
  • Can we show up without reservations?
    Walk-ins are welcome. However, it is strongly recommended that you book in advance as we cannot guarantee availability if you drop in.
  • What is the cancellation policy if I make a reservation but my plans change?
    No problem! We will give you a code you can use online to reschedule your visit.
  • How many games can we play?
    All of them, as many times as you want! Go anywhere, try any game. It’s your choice as long as you follow our rules (respect our property, respect other visitors and staff, and be safe).
  • Are we locked into the game rooms?
    No - doors are never locked from the inside to get out. Players in game rooms can open doors to leave at any time.
  • Can I visit Game On and NOT play?
    YES! Game On has indoor and outdoor eating areas. Although seating is limited, people who are not playing game rooms are welcome to grab a drink or a snack and hang out.
  • Can we take a break during our visit?
    YES! But please keep in mind you are purchasing a ticket for an amount of time at Game On, and once the "clock" starts, it cannot be paused. In other words, your ability to enter game rooms will end when the amount of time you've purchased runs out. So you may want to hang out in the eating areas and have a snack or a beer after you are done paying games. It's a perfect way to debrief and share Game On stories with friends.
  • Can we go in and out of the Game On facility during our visit?
    YES! But please keep in mind you are purchasing a ticket for an amount of time at Game On, and once the "clock" starts, it cannot be paused. In other words, your ability to enter game rooms will end when the amount of time you've purchased runs out.
  • Can I drop kids off to play and pick them up at the end of their visit or do I have to stay on site?
    For groups of kids under age 18, at least one adult chaperone must remain on site at all times. Kids 13-18 are encouraged to have an adult in their group due to the difficulty of many challenges, but it is not required. Players 12 and younger must have an adult present with them in the venue. All Players under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian fill out their waiver in order to play. Game On is not recommended for children under 10.
  • Does Game On have free WiFi?
    YES! Please use your phone only in the lobby and eating areas.
  • Is Game On scary?
    Fear is not the reaction we are going for. We hope visitors will find Game On exciting, thrilling, magical, thoughtful, fun, creative, amazing, special, original, and layered. We don't intend any of the game rooms to be scary. That said, some rooms require physical activity that may be challenging, and some rooms have dim lighting, which may make some visitors uncomfortable.
  • Is Game On dangerous?
    Safety is a top priority at Game On. Still, Game On involves real people being physically active: crawling, climbing, jumping, pushing, running. There are risks of bumps, bruises, scratches, or a twisted ankle, among other possible injuries. You need to be very observant as there may be obstacles to avoid, and falls are possible. It’s possible to draw blood and require stitches, and it’s also possible that something could be broken or a more serious injury may occur, though these types of occurrences are extremely rare. We also ask all visitors to WALK (rather than run) through the facility as the hallways can be narrow and there are some blind corners.
  • What are the rules?
    Game On is designed to be enjoyed, and it is the visitor's responsibility to behave appropriately and safely Please be respectful of others while you play Game On can be hazardous; play at your own risk. No force is required to succeed - please do not damage the game room materials nor any other part of the facility Please use common sense - if something feels unsafe or inappropriate to do, don't do it Please do not enter "staff only" areas If you need help, please ask a Game On staff person No food nor drinks allowed in game rooms No animals allowed in the facility No phones inside the game rooms Do not play intoxicated No running, pushing, or horseplay - please be safe! No running in the hallways Please do not take anything out of the game rooms Please do not tamper with sensors nor security systems Game On reserves the right to refuse service to anyone violating policies
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