Fall 2022 Open Houses

On October 22, November 5, and November 19, Game On supporters will have a very special opportunity to play the games, help improve the experience, and get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Game On. During this time, Game On will still be a work-in-progress, and games may be unfinished. Visitor feedback will be very valuable!

Open House Event Schedule

2 pm Doors Open -Game On!

2:15 pm Game play starts  - maximum of 10 teams may have game room access at any given time

4 pm Owner presentation - don't miss it!

5 pm Raffle winner announced..? Or should we select raffle winners after all open houses are complete and announce by email?

5:30 pm Last game play session starts

6 pm Game Over

Ongoing 2-6 pm 

  • Front desk open for party reservations and advance tickets sales

  • Beer, soda and water for sale

  • Raffle tickets for sale

RSVP required

Please let us know which day you would like to attend and the number of people in your group (maximum of 4 please) . We will follow up with a confirmation email.